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CFN099 – ChairVisor: An Easy Way To Keep The Sun Off Your Face


The crowdfunding space is full of success stories. Where else can someone come up with an idea, get it down on paper, build a prototype and open it up to public consumption on a large scale?

Today’s episode features David Acosta, a firefighter from Chula Vista, CA, who identified a solution to a very common issue in sunny climates – how do you protect your face from too much exposure to the sun? He saw people using towels, hats, and even bathing suit bottoms to cover their faces in an attempt to shield themselves from the sun while laying out by the pool.  He designed and patented a sun visor, called ChairVisor, that clips on to your lounge chair, and provides an excellent adjustable shade that is also more civilized than using parts of your swimsuit! Follow-on versions include a solar charger and tablet holder.

Listen in as he describes his sometimes difficult path, and the sacrifices he’s made to bring his invention to market, including a product test at the Hilton Palm Springs, utilizing marketing analytics from San Diego State students, and organizing a launch-day party to boost the Indiegogo launch on March 19, 2016.

**Note – The ChairVisor campaign goes live on Indiegogo on March 19, 2016, which is after this episode is posted.**