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CFN094 – The KP Duffle: The Ferrari of Travel Bags


It’s really pretty amazing to have designers attacking the travel bag market. No more boring barrel bags or ubiquitous ballistic nylon bricks that display a zero aesthetic!

Crowdfunding has inspired designers to take creative risks and to create carry-ons with character – and loads of utility as well.

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Bryan Kinney, who is the marketing director for Keep Pursuing – the folks behind the KP Duffle, which was designed with an eye to the fine automobiles of Ferrari. Even though it’s not quite as fast, this bag definitely seems to evoke the clean lines, and stylish flair of the venerable Italian automaker’s work.

Listen in as Bryan relates how he was able to re-engage backers from their pervious project  (the KP Sling) onto this campaign, and work with crowdfunding marketers BackerClub (featured in Episode 010) and Funded.Today (featured in Episode 009) to build a six-figure raise from four-figure backers. Bryan was gracious enough to offer our listeners a coupon code good for 10% off the KP Duffle – just enter NEW2016 at checkout!


CFN071 – Xpand Lacing System: Never Tie Your Shoes Again!


It’s the little things that add up in life – the number of cups of coffee you drink every year, the number of times you brush your teeth, etc. What if you could skip one a repetitive task in the name of comfort and efficiency? Well, maybe you can…

Our product today is the Xpand Lacing System – which is an aesthetically-styled set of elastic laces that allows you to never have to tie your shoes again! The laces come in a ton of colors, and look just like regular laces, but allow you to set and lock in the fit for everyday comfort, without the hassles of having your laces come loose.

My guest  in this episode is Charles Harris, a serial entrepreneur, who has launched 5 previous Kickstarter campaigns. The Xpand campaign has secured more than 25,000 backers, who have contributed more than $735,000, with 4 days left to go in the campaign, making it one of the most successful campaigns on Kickstarter.

Listen in as Charles describes how he partnered with Pillar Product Design to help design and execute his vision, and also with Funded.Today, to handle the social media side of his campaign. He’s got some very valuable insight into running campaigns and offers a story about a previous product he discovered was potentially hazardous, and how he was able to directly and honestly communicate with his backers, resulting in a successful pivot, which led to the launch of his most recent success.


CFN063 – The Comfortable Boxers Company: Disrupting Men’s Underwear


When it comes to options, men’s underwear has been basically limited to the very basic brands – Haynes and Fruit Of The Loom, and the very high-end brands, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, etc. Not much new has been offered in terms of fabric quality or design comfort in many years.

Enter the disruptive ability of crowdfunding – taking what might be considered a very mundane market and designing in comfort and finish at a very reasonable price has been the goal of The Comfortable Boxer Company since it’s first successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. Following on it’s earlier success, the company is now launching its second product line, “The Bliss Collection,” on Kickstarter.

In this episode, I speak with Mike Madrid, who is the one-man show behind The Comfortable Boxer Company, about how he had a personal need for high-quality, high-value underwear, and figured he could make what he needed, and it turned out others shared the same sentiment and backed his campaigns into the six-figures. Mike also shares how he used resources like Funded.Today and Fulfillrite, to build the company and bring a second successful product line to market, building the Comfortable Boxers brand.

CFN059 – The Spark Planner: Building A Better Notebook


How many times have you walked into a store and left underwhelmed with the options at hand? Most of us would accept the limited offerings and live with it. But, that’s not the entrepreneurial response – or one that many crowdfunders would settle with.

My guest on today’s show didn’t settle – she went about creating a solution that solved her needs – and then looked to crowdfunding to fund the endeavor, when she found out the costs to produce one unit were prohibitive. Her name is Kate Matsudaira, and her product is called the Spark Planner, which is a follow-on to her very successful Kickstarter project, the Spark Notebook.

Listen in, as Kate tells us about some real-world issues she’s had to overcome in her quest to deliver to her backers on time – like the time Amazon lost 1,000 of her already sold notebooks. Using third parties like Funded.Today (featured in Episode 009), have helped her multiply her reach and increase new backers on her second campaign. Kate is very thankful to the crowdfunding community for their support and is interested in helping fellow campaigners in any way she can.

CFN057 – The Ravean Heated Jacket: Where Fashion Meets Function


Anyone who’s spent a lot of time in cold locales knows he value of staying warm. While today’s high tech fabrics employ many coatings and are great at cutting the wind, nothing beats actual heat generation. There are a few heated jacket options outer, but they are generally suited for polar expeditions and aren’t well-suited for everyday use in the office or out on the town. Ravean has changed that, and has developed a product line that features a couple of fashionable heated down jackets, a heated vest and a heated hoodie.

This is one of my best episodes in terms of resources – co-founder Bryce Fisher outlines some of the third-party partners he works with in bringing his product to market. Listen in as he tells how he initially built his email list through Untorch.com, used KickBooster to continue building his backer base, and is also taking advantage of the services of PRMediaNow (featured in Episode 046) to get the word out to major press outlets. Bryce also describes how he carefully validates all his new product ideas with a 3 page “funnel” page to gauge real interest and product demand before sinking further time and resources into the concept.

CFN009 – Funded Today: The Best Way To Jumpstart Your Campaign?

fundedtodayI had a chance to connect with a couple of the hottest marketers on Kickstarter (and now Indiegogo), and get behind the scenes to learn how they create killer campaigns!

I feature professional crowdfunding marketers Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord of Funded Today (http://Funded.Today/) on today’s show. Three of their latest clients have top 5 campaigns on Kickstarter right now, and they’re on track to pass $10M in funding over more than 30 clients so far.

They have a very distinct and well-thought out strategy, and seem to have been very successful in implementing it across both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with projects as diverse as headphones, watches, bike locks and wallets. They’ve also been very successful in “rescuing” campaigns that have a limited timeframe left to meet their funding goals. And, they charge nothing upfront! Listen in for their expert advice on how to supercharge your campaign!