CFN097 – Top Son: It’s About Time For A Tom Cruise Mockumentary


Tom Cruise. The world’s most famous actor. You know the characters and one-liners like the lyrics to any Beatles song. He’s become a cultural icon.

Leave it to a group of midwestern filmmakers to put together what may be the first Tom Cruise “mockumentary” short, featuring the best Tom Cruise impersonator in the world, Evan Ferrante (full-disclosure, Evan is a longtime friend and client).

Listen in as I talk with Evan and writer/producer/director Joe Puleo about how the film, “Top Son,” came to fruition and what they’re planning for the funds raised during their Indiegogo campaign. You’ll hear a little about how the film festival circuit works, and how they plan to get the word out and promote the film across the country. You might even catch some of the best Not Tom Cruise one-liners you’ve ever feasted your ears on…

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