CFN088 – Lunar Wolf Treats: How Sweet It Is To Hit 20X Your Funding Goal!


You know you’ve hit the sweet spot, when you hit a 20 multiple on your Kickstarter funding goal. Hitting it without a product video is even more incredible, but it goes to show you that supplying a popular Kickstarter niche with edible dice can bring crazy success to a pari of gamers!

Their company is called Lunar Wolf Treats, and C.W. and Daemon Wolf have created enough chocolate and gummy dice to satisfy hundreds of hungry gamers. Their product is officially called, “Swirled Chocolate & Gummy Dice,” and it’s been a hit for the Lunar Wolf co-founders.

C.W. joins me on the show today, and hints that they’re about to unveil another special premium that has to do with wooden treasure chests – you’ll have to check out the Kickstarter campaign page to see for yourself. C.W. also runs the Patreon Creator Support Group, so he’s very familiar with the ins and outs of crowdfunding campaigns, and all the work that goes into keeping his customers happy at their etsy store, as well!

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