CFN072 – The ProShot Case: Turn Your iPhone Into A GoPro


You’ve already got an iPhone, with its high-grade camera and its expansive touchscreen/viewfinder. Why spend another $500+ on an “action cam,” that doesn’t have all the features you’re already carrying with you?

That’s the question that inspired Andrew Laird and his partners to design and create a super-tough, multi-mountable, waterproof case for the iPhone 6 and 6s, that pretty much turns it into a GoPro.

The ProShot Case is waterproof to 90 feet, and comes with an app that allows you to operate the camera functions from the volume buttons (it also includes a touchscreen back, which allows full touchscreen functionality to a depth of 6 feet. It’s also priced at under $100 on Kickstarter, which makes it just slightly more expensive than a typical phone case and about 5 times less costly than a GoPro.

Check out today’s episode, to hear how Andrew’s unique Instagram strategy allowed his team to reach far more Instagram users than would a traditional approach.

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