CFN070 – Lumenus: Smartphone Controlled Lighted Clothing


Picking the right partners can be the difference between a straightforward path to success and a disastrous time/money sinkhole. On today’s show, I speak with Jeremy Wall, who founded his company Lumenus to bring advanced LED lighting technology to active wear – providing safety, style and utility to motorcyclists, bicyclists and runners all over the world.

The thing that sets apart Jeremy’s products are their ability to pair with smart devices. By using the smart device’s onboard GPS and accelerometer technology, Lumenus products automatically signal turns, braking and visibility flashing at intersections.

What sets Jeremy’s company apart from many others is his partnership with Outdoor Tech – one of the Inc. magazine’s 10 Fastest Growing Companies in Los Angeles – which enabled him to immediately scale by tapping into their product manufacturing and press/marketing expertise, resulting in reduced time and labor factors, and a successful Kickstarter campaign that will surely see follow-on products to the Lumenus line.

Be sure to listen in as Jeremy relates how he used a creative business tactic to attract the attention of non-profits (and their email lists), by creating an affiliate structure with them that put dollars into their coffers, and made customers out of their donors.

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