CFN069 – Gravity XS: A Mechanical Claw For Your Keys


Building a brand through crowdfunding is becoming more and more common these days. Successful creators are often launching new campaigns just as soon as their previous campaigns close, keeping the fun going, and their backers engaged.

Our guest on today’s episode is a veteran of 9 Kickstarter campaigns (as well as a veteran of the US Army), so he’s very familiar with the ins and outs of crowdfunding. His latest product is a very cool mini-mechanical claw, that can double as a keychain, and provide hours of entertainment picking things up off the floor, or from behind cabinets or clothes dryers! It’s called the Gravity XS, and it’s crafted from stainless steel and made in the US.

Listen in as my guest Brent Garcia talks about starting a company, Out-Tek,  with his brother, Eldrick, to serve the active, outdoor Kickstarter community with useful products that are both high-quality and high-value, and how he was able to turn tens of dollars into hundreds of thousands of dollars through crowdfunding.

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