CFN057 – The Ravean Heated Jacket: Where Fashion Meets Function


Anyone who’s spent a lot of time in cold locales knows he value of staying warm. While today’s high tech fabrics employ many coatings and are great at cutting the wind, nothing beats actual heat generation. There are a few heated jacket options outer, but they are generally suited for polar expeditions and aren’t well-suited for everyday use in the office or out on the town. Ravean has changed that, and has developed a product line that features a couple of fashionable heated down jackets, a heated vest and a heated hoodie.

This is one of my best episodes in terms of resources – co-founder Bryce Fisher outlines some of the third-party partners he works with in bringing his product to market. Listen in as he tells how he initially built his email list through, used KickBooster to continue building his backer base, and is also taking advantage of the services of PRMediaNow (featured in Episode 046) to get the word out to major press outlets. Bryce also describes how he carefully validates all his new product ideas with a 3 page “funnel” page to gauge real interest and product demand before sinking further time and resources into the concept.

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