CFN010 – BackerClub: Super Backers To Launch Your Campaign!

backerclubAs a follow on to episode 009 on Funded Today, I interview Mark Baker (, who is a co-founder of a new backer’s club called, “BackerClub.” It’s a novel idea – aggregating “super” backers (those who have backed more than 50 crowdfunded projects) in one place, and making it extremely easy for them to see new projects on a daily basis, while getting member’s only perks directly from crowdfunders.

It also happens to be a great place to get your campaign into – what better way to launch than to have a few hundred “super” backers jump on board before the end of your first 24 hours on the campaign? Mark gives us all the details in this episode and also provides a couple of case studies of campaigns BackerClub has helped reach and exceed their funding goals.

Check out this episode to learn about building huge impact for your campaign right out of the gate.

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